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Sunday, November 18, 2012

So Much As Happened Since My Last Post...

I'm sure some of you have thought I dropped off the face of the earth. Well...I can assure that I have not. Although, honestly, there were times I wish I had.

On August 11th my dear husband stepped on a nail. In an of itself that's usually not that big of a deal, however, he is diabetic. Of course we immediately went to urgent care and he was put on antibiotics and x-rays taken to make sure that nothing remained in his foot. Everything seemed okay for the first few days, however by the 4th or 5th day we started noticing changes that made me uncomfortable. So...in trying to make a long story short...eventually what was just a small puncture wound became a very large gaping wound. By September 23, our Dr. had pretty much done as much as he could and the infection had started up again working its way to the side of his foot. We ended up in ER and he was admitted. He had surgery just two days later. The good news out of the surgery was that the infection had not moved into the bone. We were very thankful for that. He came out of surgery with a Wound VAC (which he is still wearing). However, it ended up that the infection was MRSA. He was put on heavy duty antibiotics and moved to a room of his own...all in all he spent 17 days in the hospital. He was released on October 9 with is Wound VAC. He goes in every Monday to the Wound Care Center at the hospital and a Home Health Nurse comes two times a week to change the dressing. 

So...just as we're settling in with our new routine...I begin getting terrible back pain. Thinking I had just strained it or something I treated it with ice/heat and so...just like I've always done in the past when my back has hurt. Well...it just was not working. It was getting worse and I began to notice tingling in my right leg, weakness and finding it hard to sit for any length of time...which was beginning to make driving difficult. At one point it got so bad that my poor husband had to take me to ER...they pretty much said it was a back strain and to rest and take Vicodin. Well...just 4 days later the pain was so much worse that again we made another trip to the ER...this time they gave me stronger meds and again said rest. I followed up with my Dr. a few days later. By this time I could hardly walk. He ordered an MRI and put me on some different medications. However on November 1st I began having a reaction to the new meds and my husband had to call 911. This time they finally admitted me and ordered the MRI for the next day. The MRI showed a cyst on the nerves in my lower back (S1) and it was decided that I would have surgery right away due to the fact that I had little to no nerve reactions in my lower right leg and the pain was so bad. So on Saturday, November 3 at 7:30 I went in for what was suppose to be a simple hour to and hour and half surgery to remove the cyst. Well...three hours later the Dr. finally came out to let my husband know that the surgery went 'Okay', but they were unable to remove the cyst due to the fact that the nerves had become intertwined in the cyst. Removal would have most certainly caused permanent nerve damage. They did drain the cyst and enlarged the hole where it was located. He told my Marty I would be in recovery for about an hour and then moved to my room. Well...when I woke up in recovery I was in so much pain and screaming out that they called my husband back to my bedside to help calm me down. They ended up having to medicate me more which in turn resulted in me not breathing! I don't remember much from recovery except the pain and then Marty sitting by my side and continually telling me to breath. Apparently every time I would close my eyes and go to sleep is when I would not breath. At any rate it was about 5-6 hours before I was stable enough to move me to a room. It was Thursday, November 8th when I was finally released to come home. So I am now recovering at home and having good days and bad days.

So as of today...Marty is doing well. He was giving a week off of his Wound VAC which has been a nice break for him. He goes back to the Wound Care Center tomorrow to see where things are at. I am doing okay...like I said good days and bad days. I'm trying to do a little stamping for therapy. My husband has helped me set up a little corner on our dining room table so I'm not alone in my craft room. It's been nice to be able to create a little to help get my mind off of everything else. However, I can't sit very long, so then I get up move around a little and then lay down. I'm finding that back surgery is indeed a process.

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So...now that I've made probably the longest blog post ever! Thank you so much for taking the time to read all that's been happening. I do ask that you please lift our family up in prayer as we are recovering and healing. We are currently waiting for disability to kick in for Marty so we've had no income for the last month and a half. It's been real stressful.

I'm excited about all that is happening with Stampin' Up! right now and all the specials and such that are being offered. Just an FYI...I've also had a peak at the new Spring Catalog and the Sale-A-Bration flyer...YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT! I can't wait until I can share both of them with you.

Have a wonderful, safe and blessed Thanksgiving!